• Sam Spike and Ben Zake

    Before the Holocaust

    Jews from Tetiev, Ukraine endured persecution and terror to realize a new life in Cleveland, Ohio

  • What happened in Tetiev?

    Death and destruction reign as Jews are targeted for slaughter

  • Pogroms in the Ukraine

    Jews are the scapegoats in the deadly aftermath
    of World War I, the Russian Revolution and the Ukrainian War of Independence

  • Sam Spike and Ben Zake

Trek to Tetiev

Kiev: Day One

We meet with Alexander Dukhovny, the chief rabbi of the Progressive Reform movement in Ukraine.

Kiev: Day Two

A bat mitzvah service and a sobering trip to the Babi Yar massacre memorial in Kiev

Tetiev: Day One

The heroes of the Euromaidan, then on to Tetiev.

Tetiev: Day Two

The Tetiyev Museum, an educator and the Jewish cemetery. Oh, and don’t forget the cows.

Tetiev: Day Three

The marketplace in Tetiev, drones over the Jewish cemetery and background on the 1920 pogrom.

Tetiev: Day Four

A deeper exploration of the cemetery, a talk with the neighbors and a local artist/historian and a meeting with the mayor of Tetiev, Mastriuk Ruslan.

Tetiev: Day Five

Notes on Ukrainian food and indoor plumbing.

Tetiev: Last Day

We meet Anna Zaika, who is not Jewish, and ponder the mystery of the Zake surname.
headstone with hebrew lettering

Tetiev: Epilogue

The locavores, friendly people and the black mark of the pogrom.

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